Limousine Service Zurich, Hire a Private Limousine


Chauffeur Driven Limousine Service in Zurich, Switzerland

Whether VIP event, corporate travel, or luxury wedding, book The Black Limo’s Zurich limousine services. The highest level of first-class transportation services in Zurich, Switzerland. Book your chauffeured Mercedes S class limousine right now and look forward to meeting your private driver with a clean limo of choice.

Live the comfort that a Limousine Service could provide, and enjoy the first-class drive while navigating the city. We are ready to pick you up as required and drive you anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in Zurich or some other important city in Switzerland. You can also enjoy our exclusive services in some neighboring countries. The Black Limo is here for you anytime.

Our Limousine services are design to fit the client’s needs. We will be there to help you get right on time to meetings, weddings, congresses, or even to show you around and live a different experience on vacation. Move with style between places inside Switzerland or in some neighboring countries.

Our Services

The Black Limo focused on offering a premium service that will help you to get anywhere, saving time, while diving into a world of luxury. Whether you want to create great memories for special events, or even if you are going to an important meeting, our VIP services are here for you.

A professional chauffeur guarantees you will have a safe drive while you work on that final touches to that business presentation. A highly trained driver guarantees a smooth and nice ride. That will help you to focus on what’s important, or simply relax in the back seat as you prefer.

Corporate & Executive Limousine Service

Arrive at your destination with style, aboard a Mercedes S Class, and create the right first impression. If you hire a private limousine service, you will save time and be free to make that pertinent phone call you need to make, or relax and enjoy the landscape until you get to your destination. An experienced driver will take care of you to get right on time to any location you need.

Black Limo provides a discrete first-class service to cover all your transportation requirements in a new city, avoiding lines and all the trouble a car rental could represent. We also offer corporate service for companies that like to provide comfortable and private transportation for their executives.

Your company’s executives will always be on time for meetings and ready to discuss business. And we are also there to help you create a great impression with some special guests.

Special Events Limousine Service

We are ready to help you make your events even more special, creating great memories. The Black Limo can make you give the right impression and be the star of any meeting or celebration. We are here 24/7 to make your wedding or anniversary unique and memorable.

Our fleet incorporates several exclusive and luxury cars at your disposal to celebrate anytime, anywhere. Get a perfect and magical experience while enjoying a smooth ride like any other. Highly trained drivers will be there to drive you to that specific location you want, or even just to take a ride around the city and enjoy the sight.

Private Limousine Service

Any time is a good time! If you are in Zurich, our private service is here to make your stay unforgettable. You can get a premium service with us to know the city in the best possible way. We can take you to your hotel or drive you anywhere.

For many years, the Black Limo has been a first-class transportation partner for several companies that provide river cruise services at Zurich and Basel cruise ports. Our chauffeurs are experienced and qualified to provide a smooth and memorable experience.

How to get our Limousine Service?

If you are planning your next vacation or visiting Zurich, or any other location in Switzerland on business, you can book our services in advance. Let us know the day and time you need our services and don’t worry about anything else. We know you are busy, so we make it simple and efficient with a customised assistant proper from a premium service.

We are glad to offer easiness and safety when you most need it. The Black Limo, make sure that every detail is according to the highest standards. From the simplest to the most complex and vital request, we are here to create the perfect trip for you. Even if it’s a short trip to your hotel or a long drive, you will enjoy the same VIP service.

If you want to start enjoying the comfort and luxury of premium and safe travel, just contact us by email or phone. As easy as it sounds you will get the VIP service you require and deserve.

You can also contact us in case you have any doubts or special requests. We’ll be ready to help you get the luxury experience you expect. If you hire a limousine service, we´ll make sure you get a first-class experience.