Zurich Private Car Service, Chauffeur Driven Car Hire


Hire a Private Car Service in Zurich

If you are coming to Zurich on business, or just to attend a private matter, to hire a Private Car Service will guarantee your ground transportation to every place you need to go. We can pick you up at the airport and drive you anywhere. We can also be there to take you to the best places in the city to know and help you enjoy your stay as much as possible.

While a car rental or a taxi could be considered a cheaper way of transportation, it requires spending time in line and some annoying paperwork. It could surprise you to know how affordable a private car service really is, and the status and comfort you will receive in return.

In contrast to a taxi driver, our focus is not to get as many clients as possible, but to provide a premium and customised service to every client for the time they request it.

The Black Limo’s Zurich private car service is a reliable VIP service that is there to make your life easier and caught people’s attention in any place you arrive. Enjoy being the center of attention, while traveling safely and quietly to any place you want.

Private Car Service for Executives: Hire a chauffeur driven car

Once you book a private car, we will take care of everything. We will track your flight to make sure your transportation will be there right on time. Benefit from the status that could give you to arrive in a Mercedes S class to your destination.

A first-class service is always the best choice as a car transfer to head to congresses, meetings, events, or to enjoy the city using a premium service on board a Mercedes V class. As a businessman or woman you are, we know every minute cares. Our professional chauffeurs always look for the best route to save time.

An exclusive Black Car sedan is the most stylish and comfortable way of ground transportation that is always important to consider. You can also consider a business SUV to get more space during your trip.

This is also a great service to impress an executive visiting you on business. You can book a car and send a luxury sedan or SUV to receive him or her at the airport or to transport them from the hotel to your office. They certainly would be impressed and thankful. No doubt, this could be an excellent way to start a promising business relationship.

Corporate Private Car Service in Zurich for Groups

The Black Limo private car service in Zurich is also prepared to manage larger groups, providing the luxury and quality amenities the client expects. A Minivan, Van, or Minibus will be ready to deliver a first-class service.

Depending on the occasion and the number of people, a high-end Mercedes V Class, or our Mercedes Sprinter model with a professional driver, will be there to provide the executive service you required.

This will guarantee your Executives can get all together and right on time, to represent the company on a particular event, or to assist meetings on your company’s behalf. Also, using a VIP service, you can show the assistants the top-level company image your staff represents.

Private car service for Events: Hire a chauffeur driven car to impress your guests

Businesses are vital, but we also need to celebrate and enjoy life. There is no better choice than to impress your guests arriving at your wedding or private celebration on a limousine. We know you have a lot to take care of for that special day, but your transportation will not be one of them.

We want to be there to help you build those memories in every ceremony, party, or gala night you want to assist. You will receive a first-class tailor-made transportation service as you dreamt it, to complement a perfect night or event.

Booking a Private Car Service in Zurich with The Black Limo

A door-to-door VIP transportation service is always an option and is at the reach of one call or email.

It’s a reliable and easy to book service you can access to drive you around Zurich, Geneva, or any other city in Switzerland. You can also enjoy our services in some neighboring countries. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to hear your requests and make them possible. We will take care of every detail, so you can get any additional requirements you need on time.

Also, our staff is available to help you hire a chauffeur driven car and to answer any question you have related to the service or even to suggest places to visit. If required, we can provide information on the best restaurants and locations to know, so you can live the best possible experience in the city you are visiting.